Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

Date of December, 19th up to 23th 2011, at 12.00 am., I went to school to check in the departure preparation to Jakarta-Bandung. Sum of the student followed study tour more or less are 183 students, and used the bus, its amount 4 bus, that is PRAYOGO bus.
At 13.30 pm, we left from SMP N 1 Sleman to Jakarta. Lost to, we arrived at the restaurant, in Kebumen at 18.30 pm for prayed Maghrib and plural of prayed Isya’, and also dinner. Afterwards, we continued the journey to Jakarta.
After a while, we arrived at Jakarta that is in Graha Wisata Ragunan, at 03.00 am. After check in the lodging, we prayed Subuh, take a rest, and take a bath also breakfast. After ate, we went to Monumen Nasional or commonly called Monas.
After go to Monas, we went to Seaworld Indonesia. A lot of fish or rareness fish which can be met in Seaworld Indonesia. There is also sold doll of form of fish, t-shirt, toy, sticker which have logo of Seaworld Indonesia. We around in Seaworld approximately 2 hours, and then we had a good time to go to Dunia Fantasi (Dufan). There are many tourist attractions are there in Dufan, such as Histeria, Poci-poci, Roller Coaster, and much more. Wow, it is terrific! We are very excited to go there. Than, we returned to the bus, and back to the lodging, to take a bath, prayed Maghrib, dinner, prayed Isya’, and last we was slept.
After we woke up at 05.00 am., we prayed Subuh. After that, we take a bath, check out, and breakfast. Then we put the bag to bus.   And than, and we went to TMII. We only circle the TMII with the bus because TMII is so wide. After satisfied in TMII, we visited the PP IPTEK.                 
In PP IPTEK, we learned a lot of matter. Especially about electrics, magnet, balance, axis wheel, and there is also object which fell from outside space. We became more know, because in PP IPTEK, not only theory, but also with physic appliance.
Because of the limited time, we immediately went to the museum Purna Bhakti Pertiwi at 11.00 am. In Purna Bhakti Pertiwi, a lot of object is collected from some state.
After that, we went to the planetarium. At there we saw the diversity of solar system in the universe. Oh cool... although some of us who used that moment to sleep.
Next, we contiuned the trip to go to Bandung. “Banduuung, I’m comiiiiinnggg!” some students said that. Cibaduyut, places to shoped as much on this trip. There, we confused to chosen a shoe, because a lot of shoes. Not only shoe, but also t-shirt, doll, and peuyeum. Then we returned to bus, to Simpang Raya restaurant.
After ate, we back to SMP N 1 Sleman, we bought something for present. Finally, we reached SMP N 1 Sleman at 06.00 am, with safe and health. We release our bag from bus baggage. A few moments later, our parents picked up us, and back to home. Although we are tired, but pleasure. We have the new experience.

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